Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chasing Stars

First of all I’ll like to say a big thank you to all those who took time out to wish me a happy birthday, those who said a little prayer for me, those who called, sent messages vis different media, those who used me as their blackberry display pictures, and those who did not remember but genuily love me. Although I am known to many to be a very vocal person, I have been very quiet for over a year now, I have been quiet because I have desided to seek answers to many questions that trouble my heart, I have enrolled myself in the full time study of life and believe me its been tough. From assignments, to course works and exams, it has not been easy. However I am happy with my progress and the things that I have learnt, so I thought it will be nice to share with friends and foes. I was recently asked what top 3 movies are, and after a few minutes of thinking I stated; Shawshank Redemtion from 1994, The pursuit of Happyness from 2006 and The Book of Eli from 2010. This movies are all different in nature, while the Shawshank Redemtion was a story of a man who was locked uop in prison for a crime he did not commit and how he escaped from one of the most secured prisons in america, The pursuit of Happyness was a real life story of how a man struggled to survive with his little son, and on the other and The Book of Eli is a fictional story set in a post apocalyptic world and revolves around a man who was on a mission to deliver a copy of a mysterious book to a safe location in the was coast of the united states. Like I previously said this three movies a set differently, however they do have some common lessons. And that is what this article is about. I’ll sumarise the lesson as , Life is not easy. Life is not fair, life cheats and life is cruel, but life is a rewarder of people who are patient, life is a rewarder of people who do not give up, life is a rewarder of people who apply their minds to solving problems and remember good old forgotten hardwork? Yeah life rewards people for that as well. And in the end if you do not get a reward from life well life is life. Basically what I am trying to say is, we do not all get equal opportunities in life, it has never happened and not matter how gard we try to fix the ills of our world it will never happen, nevertheless what we have is the chance to try, the chance to make an attempt of making something out of the opportunities that we all have, I have listned to many motivatonal speakers and their misleading meanderings of how we can all be millionaires, I’m not going to discredit anyone at least not today, but I’ll reiterate on a truth which has been said over and over again and that is the fact that success is a state of mind. I am not by any chance preaching complacency, on the contrary I am saying when you measure how far you have gone and you are not happy, remember that point you to that measurement might be a process point. In conclusion dream big, aspire, want to be succesfull, chase the dream, pursue your aspiration, but stay upbeat, stay positive believe in yourself, give it a go, try. And if the results do not come examine yourself make changes if you need to make a chnge and try again. Don’t give up. Youll never know what you’ll score in an examination if you do not take the examination. Okay so that’s my birthday ranting for the year, please leave comments below, feel free to add or disagree.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nigeria my Beloved Country

The past few months have been very emotional for me, having bagged a masters degree with a distinction in Britain, I was hoping to see employers queuing in front of my house begging me to come and work for them but that was not the case (what was I thinkiing), I have had to sit in front of this computer applying ceseasly for a job and I still have not found one yet (any way that’s a topic for another day). The issue that has however been of disturbance to me is the issue of my country, my fatherland NIGERIA.
The issues iin the country this past months have made me cry, shout, laugh, curse, swear, pray and give up.
Firstly the cursed ones that claim to be fighting for God has angered me so much that I try not to even think about them, however it hurts me that the leadership of my country has not been able to strategically address this illirates, rather they carry on like none of them or their family members can be hit, I wonder how my president sleeps at night.
Secondly the issue of the subsidy removal has bugged me so much, although I tried not to think about it or make any comment about it, it sickens me to find out that certain people that I respect have come out to stupidly support this wicked act, some of them even stuck their tounge out at those who died iin the rallies.
Now that you know what is vexing me let me now talk.
I was watching a Nigerian miovie jejely on my own , when a song kept playing in my head and I rushed to youtube to search for it, please find  below

The song is a classic by fummi adams, Ias I began to look at the picyures that made up the clip, it became more difficult to control my tears, they were flowing ini drops like the taps of Ajegunle. I began to reminisce about my childhood and how people were a lot more honest, how life was a bit fairer, how peaceful the country was, I even remembered the price of fuel while I was in Grase children school in the late 80’s (70 kobo), I remembered how much a bottle of coke was (one naira fifty kobo) and I started to weep for the future of my fatherland, to make matters worse, the memory of how I used to steal one naira to buy buscuits and nasco wafers that can last me at least one week eneterd my head, as I took a deep breath the song was over and I was back to Northampton.
On the list of similar songs I quickly spoted  another old classic , this time iby the late sunny okosun, although I used to sing the song word for word I never understood it, however, listening to it this time was like hearinig some explaini to me that my nae is Ademola Paseda, iit was extremely clear.

The truth in the song cannot be debated, I started to think have we taken the step towards destruction? Are we ever going to get to the promise land? Can we really save Nigeria? For the Love of God which way is Nigeria heading to?
Please feel free to post your comments iif you have any answer to the questions, however even me as the asker of the questions find iit a biit rhetorical out of my frustration I began to say the following prayer points;
Let God arisie and destroy all those that want to destroy Nigeriia
Let God arise and frustrate all those that wants to frustrate Nigeria
Let God arise and be selfish to all those who are stealing the wealth of Nigeria
Let God arise and Judge all those who have condemned Nigeria to fail
Let God arise and open the eyes of my people
Let the sword of God slay all those that want to slay the future of my country.
I wish I could think of more prayer points but I am exhausted, please feel free to add yours in the space below.
God Bless Nigeria
God Punish the Enemies of Nigeria especially Boko Haram and all those jegudu jera people in Government

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Nigeria: is it about the now, the past or the future

Ok Guys, I’m sure you would be wondering what I’m about to write again this time, but I insist that it is worth your two minutes and I promise to try to be of good behaviour  without hiding the obvious truths.
I kinda found myself working part time at one of the largest courier companies in the world about three weeks ago and I made my first pound yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!! But that’s not the ish, because I now go to this place I currently call work  , I have met a few more people in my lifetime but believe me I have never had people take a piss at me this much for being a Nigerian, unfortunately everything they said was true.

I’ll start with Bob, Bob is one hell of an energetic man in his late 40’s and the only way you’ll k now he I that old is because of his Papa Ajasco characteristics (Bald head), but believe me he is fun.
First day at work Bob came to me and said hey you must be a Nigerian right, and I smiled and said yes, I then proceeded to ask him how he knew and he said two things, one you guys are the best looking Africans by miles then secondly he said one out of every five black man in the U.K is a Nigerian, I smiled but before my lips could form a perfect letter U he said why is your country so messed up. I know some Nigerians reading this would be saying you should have told him that the U.K is more messed up than Nigeria and that was exactly what I told him cos I am extremely proudly Nigerian, I did not know I had made a big mistake because Bob started to pour it on me. He said first of all forget the fact that you were colonised England and you where enslaved because that’s like eternity in the reverse, began to tell me how much of a coward we were as Nigerians, he explained that we never take charge of our future, when I tried to put a defence Bob said to me if the U.K had the resource Nigeria had the queen of England would probably become the god of the world, he however stated that Nigeria was a much better country in the 60’s and 70’s, he explained that the country was probably the most promising country in the world at the time, but he quickly took away the complement when he said that ever since then everything about the country had been on  a downward slope.
Guys believe me Bob spoke from the heart and with a lot of knowledge he probably had more knowledge of Nigeria than I did, more so it was difficult to argue with truth when it stares right at you so I keep quiet and allowed it pass.
Bob’s analysis of Nigeria’s past glory, epileptic present and not so certain future had been long forgotten by me until the Sunday after the supper eagles embarrassed the nation as they drew 2-2 with Guinea, to be honest I’m not the biggest sport fan moreover the only team I have really ever supported have been embarrassing me all season talking about Arsenal FC however I remain a die-hard Gunner when I intend to piss my girlfriend off, but this Sunday I had to take the heat for the bloody super eagles, and I did not even watch the match cos I couldn’t even be bothered, however what interested me was that this guy from Somalia was analysing Nigerian football history, in my mind I was wondering what right does the f***** Somalian have talking about Nigerian football, he talked about how everybody in Somalia always felt excited to watch Nigeria play, he told me that him and his ifriend used to wear Nigerian Jerseys  he then asked me what has happened to Nigerian football, he ended saying that Nigerian no longer has claim of its “Giant of Africa status”.
In conclusion I’ll like to state that I did not make this story up, this is not the perspective of this Lagos boy, however I cannot argue with the truth, I will however settle that Nigeria at the moment is full of shit, and it’s hard to see the future in every area of the country, but I am optimistic that the future is bright a change is going to come but there is a price to pay watch this space soon as I talk about the price Nigeria has to pay in order to ensure a bright future after all they say nothing goes for nothing, Till the next time I blog I would like to say thanks for reading this annoying epistle.

*******************************CHEERS GUYS**********************************

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


When I woke up on the 2nd of August 2011 I did not expect that I would be sitting in front of my laptop and actually writing this piece, however as the day unfolded it became inevitable that I let out my mind on the issues discussed here.

Waking up this morning was just like every other Tuesday when I had to travel from Northampton to Coventry (a 30 min journey) for a physiotherapy class and a meeting with my project supervisor, it was supposed to be regular. As usual, I got to the physio class pretty early and I sat down in the lobby waiting for my session to commence and just there and then it sounded; the fire alarm.
The sound of the alarm was extremely loud I’m sure people who are 300 miles away from the hospital could have heard it, but as a naija boy, this was quite alien to me, I just thought it was just a routine meant for just the hospital staff and there was nothing to worry about, but right there before me I saw an evacuation team so I said to myself this must be very serious. Everybody in the building were hurriedly escorted out in to an open ground called a fire assembly and in roughly two minutes I started to hear the sirens of the fire services, then I sighed in relief because I had thought I would probably take about 45 minutes before they get there.
This little incidence left me thinking and wondering why the Oduala’s residence and the Osusanya’s residence were burnt down beyond recognition.
Space and time would not permit me to go into the situation of this two families who happened to be one of my closest family friend, but what I can say is this incidence is another reason why Nigerians in diaspora would not come back home.
At the Oduala’s residence when the fire started a phone call was immediately made to the fire service HQ, where it was confirmed that the Alagomeji fire services (10 minutes away)had a shortage of water and as such cannot respond to them, therefore they would have to call the next available station which was somewhere on the island, however before they go there the house was no more and there was no more fire to quench.
The situation at the Osusanya’s residence was also similar, the only difference is that it is a more annoying case , because there is a fire station just at University of Lagos about three minutes away from the Osusanya’s however when they were called their response was anywhere outside the university is out of jurisdiction and then the call was forwarded to Alagomeji which is also close to the house and the same story of no water was told before it was finally forwarded to the station on the island and believe me your guess is as good as mine there was no more fire to quench when the fire men got there.
Looking at this true incidence which happened in the same year around the same environment would answer the question my friend Bisi had asked me which is when are u coming back home.
When are you coming back to the country with so much opportunities, but all can be lost in the twinkling of an eye?
When are you coming back to the country where you stand a 60% to get killed by unknown reasons (98% for those in the north).
When are you coming back to the country that has gold on the floor, but a three square meal is difficult to come by?
When are you coming to a country that has a 70% literacy rate yet 0ver 70% of the population are living below the poverty line?
The answer is I don’t know, in fact I probably wish I did not have to.
I know a lot of people would have one of two comments about this article, please kindly leave them in the space provided at the bottom.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fighting Cancer

It’s the beginning of another month and I have to publish a new article, it’s hard to write anything since the past month has been spent doing assignments and watching Grey’s anatomy, with the months highlight coming from spending the weekend at Sanmee’s place for his barbeque party, so its kinda hard to write anything worth reading, or at least so I thought.

The human anatomy is made up of different organs all constructed together to make them function as an entire unit with the primary function of providing life. These organs have a role individually. With the advent of science and medicine, man has found a way to manipulate the laws of life and death with very advanced surgical procedures, one can comfortably say that medicine and science is not where it was 100 years ago, there have been advancements made in this field of life likewise many other fields.
We have heard of cases of kidney and heart transplants, we have heard of cases where the entire blood is completely drained and replaced with fresh blood; it seems to me that mankind has found a way to control life.

Mankind has been able to carve a niche for itself by introducing cutting edge technologies that even defies the law of gravity however with all these advancements it has been difficult or almost impossible for mankind to eradicate the cancers that eat up our societies.

Widespread hunger, poverty, hatred and war is a regular occurrence in our society, ethnic divide, racism, sexism, religious fanatism and the rest eats up our society and kills us in large numbers yet we have found no cure for it.

Need I remind us all that just like the human anatomy the ‘earth anatomy’ is made of individual beings with different task and function but designed to function as a whole unit, in other words, just like the kidney and the liver have separate task but still complement one another, we all as human beings might have different beliefs but we are designed to complement one another.

It might be impossible for mankind to invent a system or technology that can fix the decadence of our society, but with a little bit of love maybe we could at least reduce the tumour that resides in the very fabric of our society.

Love somebody this month it’s very infectious.

Happy new month folks

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Ever wondered the reason for man’s behaviours, the reasons for our selfishness and greed, the reason for all the competition.
On a Sunday evening during my siesta I began to ponder on the recent happenings around the world, starting from my country were an unnecessary political crisis had erupted, I remembered the post I read about the corps that were killed and the ones that were lucky to escape, the thought that one man would raise a machete to slice another in the name of religion, politics, ethnic orientation, election mal practice and so one just bugs me.  The fact that no war has been declared and someone who was brought into the world through a woman would raise his hands to kill innocent and helpless people puts tears to my eyes, I know it’s not my burden to carry but I can’t help but ask why?
I remembered that it was only just yesterday that Saif al-Arab Gadaffi was hit down by NATO’s forces. I thought about the way this fine and intelligent but ruthless and cunning man spoke in the various interviews, the way he acted as if he was completely untouchable, he spoke like he was a god in human skin.
I also thought of the Birthter issue of Barrack Obama as propagated by Mr Donald Trump, the arrogance in his motive for raising this issue bugged my mind also.
All this things that I remembered sent me to a session of deep thinking, man has become so arrogant that we now make ourselves believe that we control our lives, every passing day as we develop in technology we have begun to believe that we invented the concept of life the same way we invented the blackberry and i-phones.
In the church we are reminded that we were born to have dominion over the earth, and over the animals and the plants but that was were God stopped, he never gave us dominion over mankind, however what we find today is the constant pursue of dominion of our fellow mankind thereby forgetting that the breath we breathe is not a function of our much dominion we are able to muster.
For everyone who is able to read this little article, I’ll like us to think back to the day we were born and see if we can remember the smell of the hospital, if we can remember the colour of the painting in the hospital wall, if we can remember the way our mother’s womb looked like, I know it’s impossible, and that’s because we made no contribution to our existence. Let’s take a minute to think and acknowledge the fact that this world is a temporary location, whether we are religious or not, at least I am yet to meet a man that has spent a thousand years in this earth, if truth be told there is nothing, absolutely nothing invented by man worth dying for, be it a country or a lifestyle. It’s high time we started to live our lives as if each day would be the last and treat other around us with the same attitude.
Have a lovely Month

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Walking to school through Far-Gosford two weeks ago, I couldn’t help but think about home, as I watched the children come out to play in the beautiful British spring weather, they ran from pillar to post kicking balls and riding bicycles then I began to reminisce about my life as a growing child.
I remember how I used to wake up on Saturday mornings to watch morning ride in as much as I thought it was boring but then they played some cool music, I remembered the 4 o’clock children’s belt on NTA every week day when we sat glued to the TV set, I remembered programmes like Family matters, Voltron, Super Ted, Tales by moon light, Story land and the likes, I remember the Saturday birthday parties where I never won a gift until I was 9 and I won the drinking competition (I must have been a glutton).
I remembered that there were no area boys in Lagos, I remembered the time I got lost and found my way home without being hurt, I remember there were no okada’s (commercial motorcycles) on the road, I remember our people could hardly mention the name of the Head of state as they feared for their lives, I smiled when I remembered how the military guys came to whisk Pastor Ayo Orijetsafor away from the podium as he preached against the atrocities of the military dictators.
All this memories brought great nostalgia to me, as I got home I tried to take a little nap but those beautiful memories could not fade away, then I decided to listen to same good old music, the sound of Orlando Owoh and Chief Ebenezer Obey began to tweet out of my laptop speakers, I listened carefully to the lyrics of their songs and the beautiful combination it had with the melody and I thought to myself oh what splendid feeling, the music was not just enough I needed something more to remind me of those days, eh eh eh eh eh I got it I only wish it would be on you tube, yes it is ,it’s there, so I began to watch the screen adaptation of one of the greatest books ever written “things fall apart” , I knew I had watched it has a child but I could not remember any scene or actor, oh my God Pete Edochie is there! As I watched it I began to feel a deep sense of country hood as the goose bumps evaded my body.
I remembered the golden voice of onyeka owenu, and I decided to listen to two of my favourite tracks “Gbemileke” and “Wait for me”, these songs had deep messages and once again I felt this awkward pride surround me as if I were “Ebubedike”.
The joy of citizenship can be found in lots of experiences such as that of growing up, the smiles I had as a little boy so bright that I did not care if NEPA gave us light or not.
Now it is time for me to ponder on my experience of the last two weeks, and I cannot but express the love for my culture, the music, the clothes, the drama, and I boldly say the porch-ness, Nigeria is a land of Happiness for me it’s a country that holds my past in its hands, I must not be found wanting in protecting its future.
God bless Nigeria 
WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER????????????????????????????????????????????