Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nigeria my Beloved Country

The past few months have been very emotional for me, having bagged a masters degree with a distinction in Britain, I was hoping to see employers queuing in front of my house begging me to come and work for them but that was not the case (what was I thinkiing), I have had to sit in front of this computer applying ceseasly for a job and I still have not found one yet (any way that’s a topic for another day). The issue that has however been of disturbance to me is the issue of my country, my fatherland NIGERIA.
The issues iin the country this past months have made me cry, shout, laugh, curse, swear, pray and give up.
Firstly the cursed ones that claim to be fighting for God has angered me so much that I try not to even think about them, however it hurts me that the leadership of my country has not been able to strategically address this illirates, rather they carry on like none of them or their family members can be hit, I wonder how my president sleeps at night.
Secondly the issue of the subsidy removal has bugged me so much, although I tried not to think about it or make any comment about it, it sickens me to find out that certain people that I respect have come out to stupidly support this wicked act, some of them even stuck their tounge out at those who died iin the rallies.
Now that you know what is vexing me let me now talk.
I was watching a Nigerian miovie jejely on my own , when a song kept playing in my head and I rushed to youtube to search for it, please find  below

The song is a classic by fummi adams, Ias I began to look at the picyures that made up the clip, it became more difficult to control my tears, they were flowing ini drops like the taps of Ajegunle. I began to reminisce about my childhood and how people were a lot more honest, how life was a bit fairer, how peaceful the country was, I even remembered the price of fuel while I was in Grase children school in the late 80’s (70 kobo), I remembered how much a bottle of coke was (one naira fifty kobo) and I started to weep for the future of my fatherland, to make matters worse, the memory of how I used to steal one naira to buy buscuits and nasco wafers that can last me at least one week eneterd my head, as I took a deep breath the song was over and I was back to Northampton.
On the list of similar songs I quickly spoted  another old classic , this time iby the late sunny okosun, although I used to sing the song word for word I never understood it, however, listening to it this time was like hearinig some explaini to me that my nae is Ademola Paseda, iit was extremely clear.

The truth in the song cannot be debated, I started to think have we taken the step towards destruction? Are we ever going to get to the promise land? Can we really save Nigeria? For the Love of God which way is Nigeria heading to?
Please feel free to post your comments iif you have any answer to the questions, however even me as the asker of the questions find iit a biit rhetorical out of my frustration I began to say the following prayer points;
Let God arisie and destroy all those that want to destroy Nigeriia
Let God arise and frustrate all those that wants to frustrate Nigeria
Let God arise and be selfish to all those who are stealing the wealth of Nigeria
Let God arise and Judge all those who have condemned Nigeria to fail
Let God arise and open the eyes of my people
Let the sword of God slay all those that want to slay the future of my country.
I wish I could think of more prayer points but I am exhausted, please feel free to add yours in the space below.
God Bless Nigeria
God Punish the Enemies of Nigeria especially Boko Haram and all those jegudu jera people in Government