Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chasing Stars

First of all I’ll like to say a big thank you to all those who took time out to wish me a happy birthday, those who said a little prayer for me, those who called, sent messages vis different media, those who used me as their blackberry display pictures, and those who did not remember but genuily love me. Although I am known to many to be a very vocal person, I have been very quiet for over a year now, I have been quiet because I have desided to seek answers to many questions that trouble my heart, I have enrolled myself in the full time study of life and believe me its been tough. From assignments, to course works and exams, it has not been easy. However I am happy with my progress and the things that I have learnt, so I thought it will be nice to share with friends and foes. I was recently asked what top 3 movies are, and after a few minutes of thinking I stated; Shawshank Redemtion from 1994, The pursuit of Happyness from 2006 and The Book of Eli from 2010. This movies are all different in nature, while the Shawshank Redemtion was a story of a man who was locked uop in prison for a crime he did not commit and how he escaped from one of the most secured prisons in america, The pursuit of Happyness was a real life story of how a man struggled to survive with his little son, and on the other and The Book of Eli is a fictional story set in a post apocalyptic world and revolves around a man who was on a mission to deliver a copy of a mysterious book to a safe location in the was coast of the united states. Like I previously said this three movies a set differently, however they do have some common lessons. And that is what this article is about. I’ll sumarise the lesson as , Life is not easy. Life is not fair, life cheats and life is cruel, but life is a rewarder of people who are patient, life is a rewarder of people who do not give up, life is a rewarder of people who apply their minds to solving problems and remember good old forgotten hardwork? Yeah life rewards people for that as well. And in the end if you do not get a reward from life well life is life. Basically what I am trying to say is, we do not all get equal opportunities in life, it has never happened and not matter how gard we try to fix the ills of our world it will never happen, nevertheless what we have is the chance to try, the chance to make an attempt of making something out of the opportunities that we all have, I have listned to many motivatonal speakers and their misleading meanderings of how we can all be millionaires, I’m not going to discredit anyone at least not today, but I’ll reiterate on a truth which has been said over and over again and that is the fact that success is a state of mind. I am not by any chance preaching complacency, on the contrary I am saying when you measure how far you have gone and you are not happy, remember that point you to that measurement might be a process point. In conclusion dream big, aspire, want to be succesfull, chase the dream, pursue your aspiration, but stay upbeat, stay positive believe in yourself, give it a go, try. And if the results do not come examine yourself make changes if you need to make a chnge and try again. Don’t give up. Youll never know what you’ll score in an examination if you do not take the examination. Okay so that’s my birthday ranting for the year, please leave comments below, feel free to add or disagree.