Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fighting Cancer

It’s the beginning of another month and I have to publish a new article, it’s hard to write anything since the past month has been spent doing assignments and watching Grey’s anatomy, with the months highlight coming from spending the weekend at Sanmee’s place for his barbeque party, so its kinda hard to write anything worth reading, or at least so I thought.

The human anatomy is made up of different organs all constructed together to make them function as an entire unit with the primary function of providing life. These organs have a role individually. With the advent of science and medicine, man has found a way to manipulate the laws of life and death with very advanced surgical procedures, one can comfortably say that medicine and science is not where it was 100 years ago, there have been advancements made in this field of life likewise many other fields.
We have heard of cases of kidney and heart transplants, we have heard of cases where the entire blood is completely drained and replaced with fresh blood; it seems to me that mankind has found a way to control life.

Mankind has been able to carve a niche for itself by introducing cutting edge technologies that even defies the law of gravity however with all these advancements it has been difficult or almost impossible for mankind to eradicate the cancers that eat up our societies.

Widespread hunger, poverty, hatred and war is a regular occurrence in our society, ethnic divide, racism, sexism, religious fanatism and the rest eats up our society and kills us in large numbers yet we have found no cure for it.

Need I remind us all that just like the human anatomy the ‘earth anatomy’ is made of individual beings with different task and function but designed to function as a whole unit, in other words, just like the kidney and the liver have separate task but still complement one another, we all as human beings might have different beliefs but we are designed to complement one another.

It might be impossible for mankind to invent a system or technology that can fix the decadence of our society, but with a little bit of love maybe we could at least reduce the tumour that resides in the very fabric of our society.

Love somebody this month it’s very infectious.

Happy new month folks

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