Sunday, 1 May 2011


Ever wondered the reason for man’s behaviours, the reasons for our selfishness and greed, the reason for all the competition.
On a Sunday evening during my siesta I began to ponder on the recent happenings around the world, starting from my country were an unnecessary political crisis had erupted, I remembered the post I read about the corps that were killed and the ones that were lucky to escape, the thought that one man would raise a machete to slice another in the name of religion, politics, ethnic orientation, election mal practice and so one just bugs me.  The fact that no war has been declared and someone who was brought into the world through a woman would raise his hands to kill innocent and helpless people puts tears to my eyes, I know it’s not my burden to carry but I can’t help but ask why?
I remembered that it was only just yesterday that Saif al-Arab Gadaffi was hit down by NATO’s forces. I thought about the way this fine and intelligent but ruthless and cunning man spoke in the various interviews, the way he acted as if he was completely untouchable, he spoke like he was a god in human skin.
I also thought of the Birthter issue of Barrack Obama as propagated by Mr Donald Trump, the arrogance in his motive for raising this issue bugged my mind also.
All this things that I remembered sent me to a session of deep thinking, man has become so arrogant that we now make ourselves believe that we control our lives, every passing day as we develop in technology we have begun to believe that we invented the concept of life the same way we invented the blackberry and i-phones.
In the church we are reminded that we were born to have dominion over the earth, and over the animals and the plants but that was were God stopped, he never gave us dominion over mankind, however what we find today is the constant pursue of dominion of our fellow mankind thereby forgetting that the breath we breathe is not a function of our much dominion we are able to muster.
For everyone who is able to read this little article, I’ll like us to think back to the day we were born and see if we can remember the smell of the hospital, if we can remember the colour of the painting in the hospital wall, if we can remember the way our mother’s womb looked like, I know it’s impossible, and that’s because we made no contribution to our existence. Let’s take a minute to think and acknowledge the fact that this world is a temporary location, whether we are religious or not, at least I am yet to meet a man that has spent a thousand years in this earth, if truth be told there is nothing, absolutely nothing invented by man worth dying for, be it a country or a lifestyle. It’s high time we started to live our lives as if each day would be the last and treat other around us with the same attitude.
Have a lovely Month


  1. Demola this is a nice piece, keep it up

  2. good one boss.....this is the word for the season with the rate at which both young and old pass.

  3. Thanks sir we need to keep saying this things from time to time. U know yoruba s'oro wo kpowe wo sope "Kira Kita o loja"