Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Walking to school through Far-Gosford two weeks ago, I couldn’t help but think about home, as I watched the children come out to play in the beautiful British spring weather, they ran from pillar to post kicking balls and riding bicycles then I began to reminisce about my life as a growing child.
I remember how I used to wake up on Saturday mornings to watch morning ride in as much as I thought it was boring but then they played some cool music, I remembered the 4 o’clock children’s belt on NTA every week day when we sat glued to the TV set, I remembered programmes like Family matters, Voltron, Super Ted, Tales by moon light, Story land and the likes, I remember the Saturday birthday parties where I never won a gift until I was 9 and I won the drinking competition (I must have been a glutton).
I remembered that there were no area boys in Lagos, I remembered the time I got lost and found my way home without being hurt, I remember there were no okada’s (commercial motorcycles) on the road, I remember our people could hardly mention the name of the Head of state as they feared for their lives, I smiled when I remembered how the military guys came to whisk Pastor Ayo Orijetsafor away from the podium as he preached against the atrocities of the military dictators.
All this memories brought great nostalgia to me, as I got home I tried to take a little nap but those beautiful memories could not fade away, then I decided to listen to same good old music, the sound of Orlando Owoh and Chief Ebenezer Obey began to tweet out of my laptop speakers, I listened carefully to the lyrics of their songs and the beautiful combination it had with the melody and I thought to myself oh what splendid feeling, the music was not just enough I needed something more to remind me of those days, eh eh eh eh eh I got it I only wish it would be on you tube, yes it is ,it’s there, so I began to watch the screen adaptation of one of the greatest books ever written “things fall apart” , I knew I had watched it has a child but I could not remember any scene or actor, oh my God Pete Edochie is there! As I watched it I began to feel a deep sense of country hood as the goose bumps evaded my body.
I remembered the golden voice of onyeka owenu, and I decided to listen to two of my favourite tracks “Gbemileke” and “Wait for me”, these songs had deep messages and once again I felt this awkward pride surround me as if I were “Ebubedike”.
The joy of citizenship can be found in lots of experiences such as that of growing up, the smiles I had as a little boy so bright that I did not care if NEPA gave us light or not.
Now it is time for me to ponder on my experience of the last two weeks, and I cannot but express the love for my culture, the music, the clothes, the drama, and I boldly say the porch-ness, Nigeria is a land of Happiness for me it’s a country that holds my past in its hands, I must not be found wanting in protecting its future.
God bless Nigeria 
WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER????????????????????????????????????????????

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