Sunday, 9 October 2011

Nigeria: is it about the now, the past or the future

Ok Guys, I’m sure you would be wondering what I’m about to write again this time, but I insist that it is worth your two minutes and I promise to try to be of good behaviour  without hiding the obvious truths.
I kinda found myself working part time at one of the largest courier companies in the world about three weeks ago and I made my first pound yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!! But that’s not the ish, because I now go to this place I currently call work  , I have met a few more people in my lifetime but believe me I have never had people take a piss at me this much for being a Nigerian, unfortunately everything they said was true.

I’ll start with Bob, Bob is one hell of an energetic man in his late 40’s and the only way you’ll k now he I that old is because of his Papa Ajasco characteristics (Bald head), but believe me he is fun.
First day at work Bob came to me and said hey you must be a Nigerian right, and I smiled and said yes, I then proceeded to ask him how he knew and he said two things, one you guys are the best looking Africans by miles then secondly he said one out of every five black man in the U.K is a Nigerian, I smiled but before my lips could form a perfect letter U he said why is your country so messed up. I know some Nigerians reading this would be saying you should have told him that the U.K is more messed up than Nigeria and that was exactly what I told him cos I am extremely proudly Nigerian, I did not know I had made a big mistake because Bob started to pour it on me. He said first of all forget the fact that you were colonised England and you where enslaved because that’s like eternity in the reverse, began to tell me how much of a coward we were as Nigerians, he explained that we never take charge of our future, when I tried to put a defence Bob said to me if the U.K had the resource Nigeria had the queen of England would probably become the god of the world, he however stated that Nigeria was a much better country in the 60’s and 70’s, he explained that the country was probably the most promising country in the world at the time, but he quickly took away the complement when he said that ever since then everything about the country had been on  a downward slope.
Guys believe me Bob spoke from the heart and with a lot of knowledge he probably had more knowledge of Nigeria than I did, more so it was difficult to argue with truth when it stares right at you so I keep quiet and allowed it pass.
Bob’s analysis of Nigeria’s past glory, epileptic present and not so certain future had been long forgotten by me until the Sunday after the supper eagles embarrassed the nation as they drew 2-2 with Guinea, to be honest I’m not the biggest sport fan moreover the only team I have really ever supported have been embarrassing me all season talking about Arsenal FC however I remain a die-hard Gunner when I intend to piss my girlfriend off, but this Sunday I had to take the heat for the bloody super eagles, and I did not even watch the match cos I couldn’t even be bothered, however what interested me was that this guy from Somalia was analysing Nigerian football history, in my mind I was wondering what right does the f***** Somalian have talking about Nigerian football, he talked about how everybody in Somalia always felt excited to watch Nigeria play, he told me that him and his ifriend used to wear Nigerian Jerseys  he then asked me what has happened to Nigerian football, he ended saying that Nigerian no longer has claim of its “Giant of Africa status”.
In conclusion I’ll like to state that I did not make this story up, this is not the perspective of this Lagos boy, however I cannot argue with the truth, I will however settle that Nigeria at the moment is full of shit, and it’s hard to see the future in every area of the country, but I am optimistic that the future is bright a change is going to come but there is a price to pay watch this space soon as I talk about the price Nigeria has to pay in order to ensure a bright future after all they say nothing goes for nothing, Till the next time I blog I would like to say thanks for reading this annoying epistle.

*******************************CHEERS GUYS**********************************

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