Tuesday, 4 January 2011

who are we fooling

Its is a common saying that the a man will always reap what he sows, this is a statement that is common to people all over the world, in fact its got scriptural support across most religions, however, it is very unfortunate that in Africa most of our leaders turn a blind eye to this truth. The whole world is aware of the poverty level in the continent, in fact I like with when international media covers stories in Africa, some people might say they over exaggerate, because they only show hungry and sick children, but I believe, that is the true picture of Africa.
Its so painful when you discover the life of luxury that these leaders live, yet they show no compassion, going back to my proverb, I'll like to ask what stage our we in Africa? Are we Sowing or are we Reaping? 
Are the people who are entangled by the grip of poverty Reaping what they had sowed, or are those leaders who have embezzled money reaping Abundant wealth, are the parents of those hungry children who will do almost anything to make their children sowing, or are our leaders sowing the seeds of destruction for themselves.
I have made up my mind to try my best not to criticize the government, because I believe that every man should be a judge of himself, what hurts me is that young people have begun to follow the trend of our fathers, seeking quick wealth from politics, my friends who are we fooling.
This is my first blog ever, and i have decided to keep it short, subsequently I'll endeavour to go deeper on this topic. thanks.   

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  1. I don't think Africa is experiencing a sowing season but I think I am right to conclude that what we are seeing today is how corrupt and incompetent leaders reap what others have sown. In the pursuit of power and wealth, the sudden attainment of these overwhelm the man and begins to intoxicate him especially if he comes from a place of nothing. It takes serious discipline to combat inner corruption as this is what radiates to the system and the nation as a whole. I would conclude by saying that Africa's underlying issue is the lack of discipline which has the power to take one's focus off a pre defined purpose.